Dale Bryce

"Being a working musician requires gear that'll stand the test of time. Load in, load out, next day do it again. Pig Hog Cables are up to the task. I never worry about cables anymore, and I use a lot of them. I'm a bass player who uses quite a few effects pedals which means, multiple places for things to go wrong. Since I re-cabled my setup with Pig Hog I haven't played the "which cable is bad game." My tone is golden! Nothing lost. Plus, they're simply the coolest looking cables I've seen! I can really "Style and Profile"! Form, function, and good looks....Pig Hog for the Win!" 

Dale Bryce, more commonly as "Bryce on Bass" is a professional musician who's time is now. Growing up in the small artsy community of Yellow Springs, Ohio, Bryce was afforded the opportunity of exposure to a multitude of musical inputs. His natural talent and passion for the art is a lethal combination when he straps on his bass. From juke joint to contemporary blues to R&B and Neo Soul. Covering Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz and musical destinations in between. You will not be disappointed when the power of Bryce on Bass comes to life. Music is not just a past time for Bryce who has been actively playing since the age of 6. Starting on piano then to guitar before landing on the "Low End" bass guitar. All genres of music are like oxygen for Bryce. Whether composing, performing or teaching, his well-rounded musical experience serves him well. 

Bryce has performed on stage with many talented artists including the legendary Maceo Parker. Bryce called that " an experience of a lifetime". You can catch Bryce on Bass with the band TripleWide, out of Wilson, NC. TripleWide - funk / rock / blues from eastern NC is a hard funky rock your socks off band who always brings it. Our mission has always been to make your head bang and your feet stomp! When not playing with his band, Bryce can be found holding down the bass chair for the band The Monitors which he has done for the past 6 years. The Monitors have been a working band for 60 years. Bryce's diversity and skill playing differing genres of music and his reliability coupled with the commitment to always bring his A game, has earned him the respect of other professional musicians. Bryce is also a freelance bassist who does concert, theater and session work. 

So, next time you feel the funk of the bass, look for the man in the hat with the white goatee and you've found Bryce on Bass. Sometimes it gets so funky he has to kick off his shoes to let it "Flow"! That's "Primal" Bryce on Bass and it doesn't get any better than that! 

Website: http://triplewide.rocks/

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