Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

"I just received my products from Pig Hog Cables and I am super excited to start using them in my studio (The Womb).  Looking forward to having a mutually respectful and professional relationship with this new company Pig Hog. Their products are top of the line and I will no doubt be ordering more products from Pig Hog in the near future.  Now it’s time to connect and create!"

Dave Haddad is a veteran drummer (living in the Los Angeles area) with extensive experience in live performance and session work.  He is a impressive force on stage and has proven his durability and skill with many world tours.  He is versed and comfortable in all western styles of music but Dave has excelled in ethnic and multi-cultural music which has made him a more diverse and enriched drummer.  With his unlimited musicality, exceptional reading skills, incredible energy and great time and groove, Dave Haddad is the driving force that you can count on with every performance. 

As owner operator of The Womb Recording Studio, Dave is more than just a drummer; he is a composer, engineer and producer with several CD releases of his own under the name "CenterPeace".  These production and sound skills combined with his abilities on the drums and Dave Haddad has emerged as one of today's "go to" musicians for recording and/or live drums.

Already endorsed by many reputable companies such as: Vater Drum Sticks, Sabian Cymbals, Ace Products Group, Kaces, RocknRoller Multi-Cart, Reunion Blues, The Triplet Drum Glove, Stage Works Gear.  Dave Haddad has recently added Pig Hog Cables and Accessories to his endorser profile.

Dave has played concerts in most major cities in the U.S. and Canada and toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East & Mediterranean. 

Career Highlights 

Performances at the following venues or events:

Wembley Arena - London, England

Nokia/Microsoft Theater - Los Angeles, CA.

Royal Albert Hall - London, England

LanXess Arena - Koln, Germany 

Queen Elisabeth Hall - Vancouver, Canada 

Hill Song Church - Sydney, Australia

Globen Arena - Stockholm, Sweden

American Airlines Arena - Miami, FL. 

Air Canada Center - Toronto, Canada 

Thomas & Mack Arena - Las Vegas, NV. 

Gibson Amphitheater - Los Angeles, CA. 

Dolby (Kodak) Theater - Hollywood, CA. (DVD) 

Performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Performed at the Monteux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 

Performed on the soundtrack for the movie "300

As the founder of the acclaimed group "CenterPeace" Dave Haddad, his vast original music has received high marks and outstanding reviews on independent music webiste broadjam.com.  Also having multiple music licensing deals “CenterPeace” is on the verge of becoming a household name for up and coming original music.

CenterPeace Bio:

Infused with deep grooves, simple melodies and layers of dynamic textures, the "CenterPeace" sound is a byproduct of Dave Haddad’s accomplishments in multi-cultural music further enriched by his extensive travels abroad. Look for the new release “Global Chilling from CenterPeace in early 2016.


Website: http://www.davehaddad.com/

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