Distrito Zero

Distrito Zero is a Metal Core/Street Metal band from east side of São Paulo. Caique Oliveira (Vocal), Renan Felipe (Bass/Vocal), Heitor Bragagnoli (Guitar), Gabriel Rocha (Guitar), studied at the same school, by their music influences in common, the relationship and the same way of thinking, this 4 guys with Rafael Iwata (Drums) started Distrito Zero on first semester of 2013. 

Without limitations about music styles and influeced by Rap, Hardcore, Soul and Metal, since their first concert Distrito Zero calls atention in São Paulo underground festivals because of your music quality, leaving the audience crazy.

After some changes on band, Emerson Arruda took on the drums in 2015, so to release on the same year your first CD, called "Ninguém Fará Por Nós" (Nobody will do for us). Following the tour of the CD on 2016, Emerson Arruda had to leave the band because some health problems, therefore, Filipe Lima became the newest Distrito Zero drummer. 

Distrito Zero songs, in your message, says that you have to own the attitude of take on the essence and fight for what you believe and that's it that Caique, Renan, Heitor, Gabriel and Filipe feels and live like a band: A place where they can scream loud who they are and why they are here, always trying to leave constructive messages for their audience. 


Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/DistritoZeroOficial

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