Generation Kill

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This is not just another Thrash Band. GENERATION KILL incorporates many different styles of music, which sets this band apart from the rest.

All five members have diverse musical backgrounds, which define and allow GENERATION KILL to be a band with no limitations. Their highly acclaimed on Season of Mist released debut album "Red, White and Blood" incorporated already everything any aficionado of the genre might have wished to hear for the last decade: crunchy riffing, capturing melodies, killer solos and exactly the right dose of unashamed aggression that propelled bands like METALLICAANTHRAXMEGADETHTESTAMENT and many others to the forefront of extreme Metal music in the 80's. Yet GENERATION KILL do neither serve a dusty trip into nostalgia, nor is this a bunch of kids desperately trying to recreate what they never experienced.

This should come as no surprise as GENERATION KILL was formed by former EXODUS frontman Rob Dukes and Rob Moschetti (ex-PRO-PAIN, M.O.D.) who draw deeply from their musical roots that show through openly. Lead Guitarist Jason Trenczer (ex-Mutilation) is a master of technical guitar work adding catchy riffs and solos. Second guitarist and new member Jason Velez contributes an Eerie metal style with groove and melody. Newest edition to the band is Powerhouse Drummer Rob Youells, who adds an extra dose of speed and power with his hardcore/thrash background.

After their first release “Red, White and Blood” on Season Of Mist GENERATION KILL have released their second album (We're all gonna die) with Nuclear Blast records. Produced by Zeuss, who is well known for his work with Agnostic Front, Chimaira, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall and Rob Zombie amongst others. They approached the new record as a challenge by trying not to do the same thing as on the first record but at the same time still keeping their identity of who they are – a group of guys that grew up on metal, punk and Pink Floyd – outside the norm.

Generation Kill's Second album (We're all gonna die) has graced the #2 position on the CMJ Loud Rock radio charts. The track "Born to Serve" has ranke in at #37 on the music choice metal charts. It was voted #2 in the top metal albums of 2013 in Steppin' out magazine, right under Black Sabbath. It's single "Prophets of War" also held on Liquid Metal's Devils Dozen for 8 months solid as well as #12 in Revolver magazines most played album of 2014.

Generation Kill is currently working on 2 full length albums, 1 with rock n roll hall of famer Daryl DMC McDaniels and Producer Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of Guns n Roses. The other is the 3rd Generation Kill album. 

This Metal meets Hip Hop collaboration was born when Rob Dukes (ex-EXODUS) ran into DMC and gave him a copy of the band's sophmore album We're All Gonna Die (available now via Nuclear Blast Records). DMC loved the record and contacted Dukes to see if he wanted to record a song together. Fast forward to 2015 and a full blown record featuring GENERATION KILL and Darryl "DMC" McDaniels is in the works!


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