Jermaine Morgan (Jermaine Morgan Band)

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Jermaine Morgan is originally from the small town of Houston, Mississippi. He is a very versatile musician and producer from a very musical family. He and his older brother Ken grew up watching their mother play bass and piano for the local home church. Naturally, the interest in music was passed down to the both of them. In his earlier years of learning, Jermaine says that he was taught most of what he learned by his older brother who was also a multi instrumentalist.

Jermaine later studied music at Itawamba Community College and later continued his musical studies at the University of North Alabama. He later moved to Atlanta GA to complete a internship at Doppler Studios, where he met and had the opportunity to work with many artists. There are many Religious as well as Jazz influences in his music which work together to create a unique and soulful sound.

Jermaine Morgan hopes to inspire, influence, and encourage others through his music.

"It has always been a passion of mine to create and record good music. Growing up, I was always inspired when I would go different places and hear incredible musicians play effortlessly on their instruments. I was never really one to get discouraged when I heard people who were better musicians. For some reason it always inspired me to want to go and practice."

"I think the turning point in me learning to become a solo bassist started when I met my good friend Nate Holleman. I met him at ICC circa 2002. The first time I heard him play bass my mouth hit the floor. I had never heard anyone play a bass the way that he did. From that point on I think I truly became a bass player at heart. It's really funny because at the time I was mostly playing guitar and doing Jazz studies with my instructor Dr. Cass Patrick. Nate somewhat took me under his wing and introduced me to a lot of the bass greats like Victor WootenOteil BurbridgeAdam NittiStanly ClarkMarcus Miller, and many others. From that point on I began on this journey trying to become a better bass player. However, I was still nowhere close to even thinking about becoming a solo bass player. "

 "I continued to work on and study my craft as a musician and bass player. I later moved to Atlanta GA. I realized that the musicians here were very serious about their craft and that pushed me even harder to become more serious about mine. I continued to explore new music and learn different styles of playing." 

"One day I was on the internet and I stumbled across this amazing bass player Hadrien Feraud. Hadrien is a bass phenom originally from France. This guy really challenged me to take my playing to the next level. It was very difficult and frustrating but I took on the challenge and pushed myself. About one year after studying and stretching myself I was finally ready to release a single called 'Journey'. The rest is history in the making."


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