John Zito (Count's 77)

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John Zito Band consists of John Zito on lead guitar, harmonica and vocals, Barry Barnes on bass and vocals and Paul DiSibio on drums. Zito's slide and dobro guitars give the band its unique sound, with the virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix, the soul of Johnny Winter and the raw energy of the Sex Pistols.  Pauly D's unique style brings a high energy persona to the band. Barnes funky, soulful bass playing holds down the foundation of the band.  This killer combination seals the solid backbone of the trio and gives them a nostalgic 70’s vibe. They have a strong arsenal of John Zito originals and obscure 70’s cover songs.

The band has played locally and internationally, and has hosted local Blues and Rock nights. Currently they have a residence at Count’s Vamp’d called John Zito Electric Jam every Wednesday. The band has performed several times at the House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel, Southpoint Hotel, Las Vegas Bikefest, charity events and festivals. You can expect over 100 hardcore fans at their shows. Their new cd Lonely, Broke and Wasted was recorded at Desert Moon Productions in Las Vegas, and is available at Zia Records and shows. John Zito has several prior cd’s in which his song "Rain" has been featured in the 9/11 documentary "Ride on Brother".  John Zito, Barry Barnes and Paul DiSibio are also members of Shrapnel Records Count's 77 along with Danny "The Count" Koker, Stoney Curtis and Tommy Paris.

Joe Brown, of the Las Vegas Sun, refers to Zito as "A Las Vegas blues and rock hero". John Zito Band is also featured in a 3 page article in Guitar Club Magazine from Milan, Italy written by Maurizio DePaola: "The blues as their philosophy of life, Jimi Hendrix as a source of inspiration and the guitar as a means to express the soul: this is John Zito Band“.


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