Lewis Texidor

"Pig Hog Cables really shine and strive to deliver in every way possible, from build quality to aesthetics. They have become an indispensable solution to my gigs, sessions, and even my lessons."


Lewis Texidor breathes and lives for the art of music. Ever since he started playing drums at the age of 3 or when he first picked up a guitar at 14, he has always had one goal in mind: to spread his passion and to inspire through music. Either through live gigs, studio sessions or music education, Lewis keeps striving to make an impact on others.


You can find Lewis playing with "The Cool Breeze Band", "Afterglow", "The Vibes: Tribute to the 70s", "Greener Daze: Tribute to Green Day" and his original project "Hearkening to Andromeda". Although busy with live performances, Lewis also manages to teach 50 plus students a week, operates his recording studio "Arcology" and professionally reviews and demos musical products.



Website: https://www.lewistexidor.com

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