Paul Scott

"Pig Hog Cables are true to your tone & stay rugged & reliable for over 200 shows a year out here with LOCASH. If you're a road dog, you don't wanna leave home without your Pig Hog!" 

Paul Scott guitarist/vocalist with 2017 CMA Nominated Duo of the Year LOCASH, will be touring 2018 with Pig Hog keeping him connected to his audience and his gear.  Since he's been touring with LOCASH, the hits have kept coming from the trademark hit "I Love this Life", to the Top 20 "Ring on Every Finger,  the #1 "I Know Somebody" and their current single "Don't Get Better Than That" makes tone of the hottest acts in all of country music. 

Paul recently had this to say "when you do over 200 dates a year, that go from arenas to radio stations, you gotta have cables that are versatile and dependable...that's why I use Pig Hog. It's easy to change strings, instruments etc. but cables aren't always available on the fly. The road can be hard on them even in ideal touring conditions. Pig Hog are Road ready & super reliable. 

That's only half the battle though. Guitarists work endlessly on achieving tone, cables are the best/worst choice you can make in your tone. Pig Hog allows me to take cables out of the tone equation as they let all my tone come through uncolored.  I have to cover a lot of tonal space from intricate signature lead licks to layered cleans, to heavy rock tones. In addition to everything on the pedal board, I also run a few longer lengths, direct outs on some patches,  and my mic even plugs into my pedalboard...all securely covered by Pig Hog for toughness and tone purity.  

When not on the road, Paul is a studio musician as well in Nashville, TN. hear him recorded on guitar & BGV's for the current LOCASH single "Don't Get Better Than That" 


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