Pickwick Commons

"I beat the hell out of my gear every single night. My guitar, my pedals, my amp, and my cables are no exception. But for me to be able to play how I want to play without worrying about my signal cutting out, I use Pig Hog Cables. I've burned through every other cable I've tried but I just can't seem to kill my Pig Hogs!"

If you love something, you give it all you have. This assertion has embodied the members of Pickwick Commons more and more as they have traveled across the United States, spreading their passion for heavy but melodic music and the desire to improve themselves for the ones they love.

Rallying behind the message of their debut single “Friends & Family,” the melodic hardcore group has held tight to the belief that making the world a better place starts on a personal level. Vocalist Adam Loellke and guitarist Colin Fedorchak have continued to write along these lines, preaching self-acceptance, but also acknowledging their own faults.

With drummer Brandon Stuck and bassist Wesley Holland making up a precise rhythm section, the band has become trademarked by their impassioned and energetic live performances. Releasing the self-produced split EP “Short Lived” in December of 2016, the band has been on the move since with a non-stop touring and recording cycle.

With their DIY mentality, Pickwick Commons has expanded their circle of influence throughout the Midwest and beyond, traveling as far as Texas with plans to go even further in the coming months. Realizing this is where their hearts lie, the band operates on a full-time basis, ready to spread their message until they drop.

Website: https://www.pickwickcommonsband.com/

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