Red Eye Flight

Red Eye Flight was born in Atlantic City in September, 2013. This rock band believes in variety, while clinging to their hard rock and metal roots.  The music that's created reflects themselves with a combination of their varied influences from oldies, to metal, and from punk to pop. The combination of Dave [Vox/Bass], Mike [Guitar/Vox], Eric [Guitar/Vox], and Brad [Drummer], write music keeping in mind not to limit or box in what music should sound like. They have all been down the dirt road of a musician, and have found solace in Red Eye Flight.

Meet Red Eye Flight:

Vocalist and Bassist, David Appelson, resides in Howell, NJ. He has been in several bands to date such as Crack Filler (Guitar/Backup vocalist), Recreate the Panic (Guitar/Backup vocalist), and Afterthreat (Vocalist). Dave’s lyric writing speaks to his experiences, societal observations, and relational situations that happen to most people through life. His vocal diversity and range, along his ability to play bass with vocals helps to round out the music that Red Eye flight strives to create. 

Guitarist and Vocalist, Michael Melusky, is currently located in Brigantine, NJ. He has also been in several groups, most recently The Recovery, as a Vocalist and Guitarist. The Recovery was also a notable cover/original group playing mostly in the Atlantic City area for many years. Mike comes from a family of musicians, and has always had a musical mind. His experience and diverse musical background bring excitement to the current band’s music. He has a constant passion and drive to make the creativity and diversity, to our highest potential. 

Guitarist/Backup, Vocalist Eric Miller is currently located in Ventnor City, NJ. Eric has a diverse musical background, and was also in the Recovery, as a Drummer. Mike and Eric have been playing together musically for several years. Dave and Eric have been friends for almost fifteen years, and have played music together for fun, for a very long time. They have never been able to start a true project together, until now.  Eric’s creative riff writing, drivey tones, and fun loving leads bring a lot of character and life to what we do.

Drummer, Bradley Ellershaw, is live outside Philadelphia, PA. Brad was added to the band recently after our previous drummer had to remove himself due to personal reasons. Brad has been an awesome friend of all of Red Eye Flight members for many years so it was a clean fit. In fact, going several years back, Brad and Eric used to rent a studio in Philadelphia, which is where a lot of us met up for the first time. Brad's brings an amazing amount of energy, enthusiasm, and technical ability to his drumming. He is the new backbone of Red Eye Flight. 

Coming Together:

While Eric and Mike, just coming out of the band The Recovery looked to start a new project, they decided to bring Dave in as a vocalist. Dave and Eric are friends for several years and have played music together on occasion so it was a comfortable fit. With the inability to find a bassist at the time, Dave with the support of the band took on the responsibility of playing Bass as well. Once Dave thought of Chris to be a part of the group, they tried him out and after a few weeks, found it to be a great fit. Unfortunately, due to Chris having to leave for personal reasons, it was Brad who enabled us to continue without missing a beat! It's a New Start for all four members of Red Eye Flight where everyone in the band looks at this as the last and only opportunity to make it happen, and won’t let anything get in their way.

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