"We love Pig Hog Cables because we run a lot of pedals! The multiple colors that Pig Hog Cables offer makes it easy to know which connection is going where especially in dark venues so we know whose cable is whose when we're packing up. We gig A LOT, so it's reassuring to know that we don't have to worry about our cables breaking while we're on the road or worrying about our tone."

WEEP WAVE’s music can be classified under garage rock. Fans of Modest Mouse will appreciate the loud, abrasive instrumentation decorated with synthy keys and fans of Pixies will enjoy the various vocal styles singer implements. WEEP WAVE was formed in 2016 in Seattle/Tacoma, WA where the band quickly became known for their high energy shows, strong DIY attitude, and strange noises. WEEP WAVE is Dylan Fuentes(Guitar/Drums), Dylan Trujillo(Bass), Colton Harold(Synth), and Cameron Smith(Drums). 

Website: http://weepwave.com/

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