Aloha Radio

Keeping one foot on the beach and stepping the other into the street, Aloha Radio's music captures the pulse of Southern California. This crew of four friends from Orange County, have created their ow...Read More

Baker's Dozen

 "I use Pig Hog Cables on stage and in the studio,  no comparison for quality and reliability. They're the best cables out there!"  -David Karr | Bassist | Baker's Dozen Baker's Dozen ...Read More

Bart Van Bemmel

"Pig Hog Cables are the Cadillac of guitar cables -- designed to not only turn heads, but built to last. With Pig Hog you can say goodbye to those other popular brand cables that have a so-called life...Read More

Be Like Max

"Pig Hog brings it with its distinguishable colors (especially their bad ass plaids)! The durability is bar none and with a lifetime guarantee how could you go wrong?" -Austin Tegtmeier of Be Like Max...Read More

Ben King

“Pig Hog Cables go above and beyond my needs as a professional musician. Their consistent tone, rugged design, and awesome style make for a cable that is hard to beat. I never hit the road or th...Read More

Charles Webber

"When I look for quality and reliability, I turn to Pig Hog Cables. I wouldn't be caught dead on stage without my Lil piggies!"  Charles Webber was born in Detroit Michigan. He played in local b...Read More

Chase Walker Band

“When it comes to guitar cables, all I care about is that they work every time I plug in. Pig Hog Cables are bulletproof, I have never had one fail!” The Chase Walker Band is an American ...Read More

Cheikh Ndoye

"Pig Hog Cables' products are definitely the premium choice for me. I can hear the difference using Pig Hog Cables versus other brands. They are clear, strong, great sounding and reliable"   On...Read More

Chelsea Wolfe

"Love these badass cables!" Sleep paralysis plagues singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, and that strange intersection of the conscious and the unconscious has inadvertently manifested itself within her ...Read More

Christone Kingfish Ingram

"These cables are the best! I've been using them for a while now! They haven't failed me yet! They literally give me a FAT sound!" Christone “Kingfish” Ingram was born to Princess Pride I...Read More

Cole Allen

"After years of searching for the perfect guitar cables, I've finally found them with Pig Hog Cables! Road-ready cables with attitude ... love 'em!" Cole Allen, critically acclaimed solo artist and g...Read More

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is a current member of the reknowned Iron Maiden all-female tribute band, The Iron Maidens. Formed in 2001, The Iron Maidens  quickly established themselves as one of southern Califo...Read More

Dale Bryce

"Being a working musician requires gear that'll stand the test of time. Load in, load out, next day do it again. Pig Hog Cables are up to the task. I never worry about cables anymore, and I use a lot ...Read More

Dana James

"Pig Hog Cables are hands down the most superior, tour-grade cables out there! They're the 'Real Deal!' I use Lil' Pigs for my pedal-board and Tartan Plaid Vintage instrument cables. The Lil' Pigs and...Read More

Dana Johnson

  Guitarist, producer, award winning writer, CEO, project manager and father are just a few titles of the Oakland, California native, Dana "BigDane" Johnson. Dana's career in music began only a ...Read More

Dave Fowler

"I grew up in the south so I was intrigued by the name "PIG HOG” terms that are very familiar to a farm boy from North Carolina! Upon further inquiry and being a professional bassist I found the...Read More

Dave Haddad

"I just received my products from Pig Hog Cables and I am super excited to start using them in my studio (The Womb).  Looking forward to having a mutually respectful and professional relationship...Read More

Demonterious Lawrence

"My days are often a whirlwind of sessions, rehearsals, sound checks and live performances and Pig Hog cables allow me to just plug and go! They are magnificently constructed to sound amazingly great ...Read More

Distrito Zero

Distrito Zero is a Metal Core/Street Metal band from east side of São Paulo. Caique Oliveira (Vocal), Renan Felipe (Bass/Vocal), Heitor Bragagnoli (Guitar), Gabriel Rocha (Guitar), studied at t...Read More

Eric Sowers

"Pig Hog Cables are the strongest and most durable cables that I have come across. They are the only cables that I can trust when going out and playing live.  Love their durability and also all t...Read More


"We received our Pig Hog Cables last Friday, right in time for our gig at The Viper Room! Talk about perfect timing! In all seriousness, these cables literally cleaned the noise from my sound." -Jord...Read More

Fragile Mortals

"We use Pig Hog cables because they are the best most durable cables on the planet..... You could tow your tour bus to a gig with them and still plug in and play the show. On top of that they enhance ...Read More

From Nothing

"We discovered Pig Hog Cables almost 2 years ago through a friend that went to NAMM and told us to check them out. They have been very durable and have a great look to them. We can always rely on them...Read More

Garrett A. Morgan

“Pig Hog Cables are by far the best cables I’ve ever played on. These cables are for the touring musician that doesn’t want to worry whether they’ll work or not, because they&r...Read More

Generation Kill

"Being in a band like Generation Kill, our gear has to be able to take a pounding night after night. Pig Hog cables are not only durable and reliable, They actually enhance the tones of our instrument...Read More

Gino Matteo

Work hard at what you love, treat everyone you meet like family, and try to smile here and there". Through it all, Gino Matteo still holds true to what he believes. Being a rarity in today's Roots-Mus...Read More

Girl in a Coma

"We are constantly touring and we need reliable gear, we choose Pig Hog cords because they last through extensive tours and it's one less thing to worry about. We know a Pig Hog has our backs." San A...Read More


Hirie--the frontwoman of the exhilarating reggae band HIRIE--grew up a global citizen. Her father worked for the United Nations and she was born in the Philippines, spent years in Italy, before her fa...Read More

Jeff Duncan

"I play a lot of gigs.I need all of my equipment to be durable. Pig Hog cables have proven to be the most reliable and strongest cables I've used to date. The color options are awesome as well as the ...Read More

Jermaine Morgan

"I absolutely love my PIG HOG Cables. I've literally rewired my studio and instruments with all pig hog gear. Top notch quality!" Jermaine Morgan is originally from the small town of Houston, ...Read More

Joel DaSilva

"These cables are the best. Love using Pig Hog Cables!" Joel DaSilva has rock n roll running through his veins. Born and raised in his sweet home, Chicago, DaSilva hails from a musical family. His mo...Read More

John Zito

"Pig Hog Cables are my NO. 1 choice because of their durability and great sound quality!  Accept the Best!! " John Zito Band consists of John Zito on lead guitar, harmonica and vocals, Barry Bar...Read More

Josh Gomez

“These cables are as tough as nails and sound great. I don’t play guitar without my Pig Hog Cables, period.” Josh Gomez is the sole guitarist for the Queens, NY extreme metal band &...Read More

Katie Garibaldi

"When I’m performing live and catch a glimpse of my uniquely colored Pig Hog cable, I’m reminded that I am getting the best possible sound transferred out to the audience, which makes for ...Read More

Katie McCrimmon

"Pig Hog Cables are Durable and Reliable cables for the touring musician!" Katie McCrimmon is the keyboardist/backing vocalist for the symphonic deathcore band, The Convalescence. Katie is an accompl...Read More

Kevin Scott

Bassist Kevin Scott has been a fixture on the Atlanta music scene for over a decade, and is always expanding his musical and geographic reach. Whether performing live or in the studio, as a leader or ...Read More

Kickin' Valentina

"Pig Hog Cables are the sturdiest and most reliable cables we've ever used.  Can't imagine using anything else."   Mix a little bit of sleaze, a little bit of blues, and a whole lot of rock...Read More

Lewis Texidor

"Pig Hog Cables really shine and strive to deliver in every way possible, from build quality to aesthetics. They have become an indispensable solution to my gigs, sessions, and even my lessons." &nbs...Read More

Mandi Martyr

"Let me tell you what I love about my Pig Hog Cables...they are indestructible!! Whether in the studio or on the stage I can always depend on their durability and clarity of sound. Pig Hog Cables cont...Read More

Marcelo Feldman

"I absolutely LOVE the Pig Hog Cables!" Marc “The Bass Wizard” (real name Marcelo Feldman) is a professional session and touring bassist in Los Angeles. After graduati...Read More

Matt Goodrich

"I'm very excited to be working with Pig Hog Cables!  I love their products and have used them exclusively long before we ever had any kind of working relationship. I would never represent a bran...Read More

Paul Scott

"Pig Hog Cables are true to your tone & stay rugged & reliable for over 200 shows a year out here with LOCASH. If you're a road dog, you don't wanna leave home without your Pig Hog!"  Pa...Read More

Pickwick Commons

"I beat the hell out of my gear every single night. My guitar, my pedals, my amp, and my cables are no exception. But for me to be able to play how I want to play without worrying about my signal cutt...Read More

Point 08

Point 08 was formed in 2013 with a goal of transcending the state of the current hard rock and metal scene. After some key lineup changes, the current band roster is made up of some of the most talent...Read More

Quinton J. Robinson

"The integrity and quality of these cables are among the best on the market. I depend on my Pig Hog cables to deliver everyday. They don’t buzz or break. The sound is clean and thick. “If ...Read More

Rachel Bolan

“Pig Hog cables are the epitome of road worthy. They can take the daily punishment the road hands out.” Rachel realized that he wanted to be a performer at a very young age when he went t...Read More

Red Eye Flight

Red Eye Flight was born in Atlantic City in September, 2013. This rock band believes in variety, while clinging to their hard rock and metal roots.  The music that's created reflects themselves w...Read More

Rian Basilio & The Roosters

"Pig Hog has continually supplied us with highest quality and most reliable gear we could ask for being a very large and live show oriented band, having equipment that is going to be able to handle th...Read More

Rikk Manning

"PIG HOG... The only cables I trust on the road and in the studio. "  Rikk Manning - Bassist, National Touring and Recording Artist, Instructor and Clinician. From Dayton, Ohio, Rikk is a roc...Read More

Samus Paulicelli

"These are great quality cables and I love the colored woven styles especially. They are heavy duty built for the road and look sexy at the same time. And with a lifetime warranty, you really can't go...Read More

Satellite Sky

"As a two piece rock band who are constantly touring and jumping around on stage, we need cables we can rely on. Pig Hog Cables can take whatever is thrown at them and definitely handle the daily rigo...Read More


When country music lovers talk about the greatest groups in the genre, Shenandoah is always at the forefront of any discussion. Fueled by Marty Raybon’s distinctive vocals and the band’s s...Read More


"These are high performance cables, which is crucial for those who fiend on perfect tone. They produce crystal clean tones with shades of light blue, and once you turn on the metal you feel the depth ...Read More

Sin Quirin

"Whether I'm in the studio or on the road, I dig the quality and reliability of my Pig Hog Cables."  Sin Quirin is a two-time Grammy nominated guitar player from LA. Sin is a memb...Read More


"When Sinicle is on the road, we need cables that can stand anything that comes our way from small stages with fans running and spilling beer on stage to high capacity venues where length and lack of ...Read More

Steve Burrows

Grammy Nominated Studio Session Player & Fill-in Touring Guitarist. 1998 Guinness World Record Holder for playing guitar with the most amount of people playing the same song for the longest amoun...Read More


"Pig Hog gear is awesome because they come in neat colors and are really durable. Our guitars use the Seafoam Green cables and when we wrap the cables up every night, we don't have to worry about them...Read More

Sugar Candy Mountain

"When performing with so many pedals and such a complicated chain of effects, it's incredibly reassuring to know that I have cables I can count on. With Pig Hog Cables, if I ever have a problem with m...Read More

Tengger Cavalry

"Pig Hog Cables provide very clear sound quality. When Tengger Cavalry goes on tour, the cables survive tough situations on stage including crazy twisting and dropping. We love it!" Tengger is t...Read More

Teresa Topaz

"I am blown away by the craftsmanship, comfort, and quality of these cables. The Western one even matches my Les Paul!! I love the feel and quality of Pig Hog Cables. I know that every time I plug in,...Read More

Thane Farace

"PIG HOG CABLES are HANDS DOWN the STRONGEST, Most Reliable cables I have EVER USED for GUITAR and Vocals !!! I SWEAR BY THEM !!" Thane is a seasoned veteran shred guitarist endorsed exclusively by E...Read More

The Band Of Brothers

"We love to work hard, and we play even HARDER. It is a necessity to have cables that are just as rigorous & hard working as we are!! Our Pig Hog Cables have given us the sound clarity we need eve...Read More

The Magpie

"Not only are our Pig Hog cables incredibly durable and reliable, but with all the various color options they offer, we know they will look great every time we use them on stage" The Magpie is a psyc...Read More

The Sickstring Outlaws

"Pig Hog Cables Rule!" "I've been playing professionally for over 25 years and have used just about every instrument cable on the market. I am the lead guitarist for The Sickstring Outlaws out of San...Read More

Tim Rose

 “I love the braided colors of Pig Hog Cables. Their connectors are sturdy and their work is clean. I was soldering my own cables for a couple of years— it was time-consuming and I&rs...Read More


"We love Pig Hog Cables because we run a lot of pedals! The multiple colors that Pig Hog Cables offer makes it easy to know which connection is going where especially in dark venues so we know whose c...Read More

Zach Fowler

“There are two things I look for when choosing gear. One thing is obviously sound, but the other even more important thing to me is durability. That’s the reason Pig Hog cables have become...Read More