Pig Hog Cables Officially Launches New Website

Pig Hog cables has officially gone whole hog and launched the brand's first dedicated website at www.pighogcables.com. Originally an offshoot of Strukture music accessories, the Pig Hog product offering waistline has expanded to the point where it simply needed it’s own digs. With chock-full lines of super high quality instrument, microphone, lighting and speaker cables, it was time to break out of the barnyard.

Reflecting the rambunctious personality of the brand, pighogcables.com is a breath of fresh air. Who wants to look for cables on a boring stuffy website? Aren’t pigs in ice cream trucks more entertaining? We thought so. And just in case you were worrying about it, you’ll still find all the nuts and bolts product information you need, we left that stuff in.  

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