Pig Hog Lights The Way With DMX Cables

Pig Hog Cables beefs up its value-focused product offering once again with new High Performance DMX Cables. The addition of lighting cables fills a growing need in the marketplace, as on-stage lighting and special effects become increasingly accessible. Now just about anyone can have moving lights and fog machines - so they need DMX cables too! With 5 convenient length options: 3ft, 5ft, 10ft, 25ft and 50ft, at prices too good to be true, these cables are sure to fly out the door.

 Pig Hog cables are strategically overbuilt to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable, and are known for their tour-grade durability. Pig Hog DMX Cables feature extra thick 6.5mm wire and premium quality 3-pin XLR, heat shrink protected connectors. A 6.58mm durable rubber outer coating and tension-resistant stress relief ensure lasting endurance. And last but not least, like all Pig Hog cables, DMX Cables includes a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty, so you can go hog-wild.


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