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Pig Hog Kicks Off 2020 With New Yacht Club Cable Series, Orange Creme 2.0 & More!

Ahoy! Pig Hog Cables is officially kicking off 2020 with a splash, starting with the all-new cruise-ready Yacht Club instrument cable series. Set sail with 4 nautically inspired patterns, including Tahitian Blue, Tuscan Brown, Riviera Purple, and Jamaican Green. All options are available in 10ft. and 20ft. lengths, with your choice of straight or right-angle connector options. Bonus - have even more throwback fun with 20ft. microphone cables to match in every Yacht Club color!

Looking for another reason to celebrate? Our all-time favorite cable color is also now back by popular demand! Vintage Series Orange Creme 2.0 instrument cables are bolder, brighter, and more orange-y than even before. Available in 10ft. or 20ft. straight and right-angle connector options, make your rig more tasty with Orange Creme awesomeness.  

All new items shipping out this Spring. As always, all Pig Hog cables are backed by our industry leading, no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee. If that doesn’t make you happy, we don’t know what will!

Pig Hog Headphone Extenders Ranked #5 In EZVid Wiki!

Check it out! Pig Hog headphone extender cables ranked #5 On EZVid Wiki's best of 2019:


Our Headphone extender cables feature an extra-thick, tough PVC sleeve
that resists kinks and tangles, with heavy duty molded connectors that
will allow you to reach the farthest corners of your home studio or
rehearsal space and keep the music flowing!

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