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No More Messy Cables! Pig Hog Magnetic Cable Loops Keep Cables & Accessories Right Where You Need Them

New Magnetic Cable Loops from Pig Hog are here to deliver the future of cable and accessory organization, keeping cables, headphones and other everyday items tidy, ready to go, and exactly where you need them to be. These versatile loops are made of thick, premium polyurethane leather, with dual 20mm magnets for fast application or bundling, and easily affix to most metal surfaces, such as stands, drum kits, chairs, desks, lockers, carts and more, for nearly endless flexibility.

With a luxurious feel, Pig Hog Magnetic Cable Loops are both durable and flexible, and are the fastest, most simple way to keep cables or accessories close at hand on stage, in the studio, or on the go. Better than traditional cable wraps or cable ties, Magnetic Cable Loops can also be stacked together, to keep multiple individual cables conveniently wrapped and organized together. Whether used one at a time or to manage groups of cables, Magnetic Cable Loops *will help keep any working environment clutter free. Beyond cables & headphones, use Pig Hog Magnetic Cable Loops as impromptu drum mutes, stud-finders, or to hang just about anything anywhere!

Pig Hog Magnetic Cable Loops are sold in packs of 2, and are covered by a 1-year warranty. Each Loop measures 7.8” by 1.3” (200mm by 34mm)  

The Best Of Both Worlds! New 30ft. Half-Coil Instrument Cables from Pig Hog Deliver More Distance & Flexibility On Stage

Pig Hog’s new Half-Coiled Instrument cables are thoughtfully designed and balanced to combine the great look and feel of a vintage coiled cable, with the ergonomic benefit of a longer straight end. The longer section of straight cable allows for more distance on stage, while also providing a tangle-free solution that keeps the coiled section of cable off the ground, giving just the right amount of slack for optimal performance. 

The right-angle, coiled end of each cable includes 12” of straight cable, perfectly suited to wrap through guitar straps, while the connector has added length to fit easily into recessed input jacks. Whether wired to a pedal board, or directly to your amp, Pig Hog Half-Coil instrument cables deliver maximum flexibility and range.

All Half-Coil cables are constructed utilizing an extra-thick, yet supple 8mm jacket that naturally resists kinking or tangling. With proprietary conductor technology and robust shielding, Pig Hog cables are designed from the inside out to ensure crystal clear sound, without noise or interference, every time. Each cable is hand tested before shipment, and backed by Pig Hog’s “no questions asked” lifetime guarantee! 

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Patch Better with “Pig Patch” Synth Patch Cables from Pig Hog

Pig Hog Cables’ expansive product offering grows again, with the addition of new Pig Patch 3.5mm mono synthesizer patch cables. Designed with the electronic musician in mind, Pig Patch synth patch cables feature low-profile, ergonomic jacks, along with firm, yet flexible PVC wire to keep your patches neat and easy to work with. A high quality wire and shielding combination excels at patching either CV or audio signals, for reliability, and optimal signal clarity.    

Available in four vivid neon colors (neon orange, green, yellow and pink), as well as 10, 12, 18, 24 or 36 inch lengths with multiple quantity packaging options, Pig Hog Pig Patch cables create patches that stand out and provide easy color-coding for signal routing within your modular system.

Every Pig Hog cable is hand-tested before shipment, and backed with a lifetime warranty.

Happy patching!

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No More Messy Cables! 3 Cable Organizer Bag Options Now Available From Pig Hog

Pig Hog officially announces the expansion of the brands best selling Cable Organizer Bag series, now including 3 sizes to accommodate virtually any cable organizational need. Built to stand up to the most grueling tour conditions imaginable, Pig Hog cable organizer bags are crafted using the most durable materials, with thoughtful and functional design details to exceed the expectations of even the most particular musician.

All models feature sturdy 600D polyester exteriors, with strong webbed, padded handles and removable padded shoulder straps for comfortable everyday transport. Bold red interiors keep cables and other gear easily identifiable and accessible, while spacious front pockets keep adapters and other accessories tidy, and readily on hand with zippered mesh pockets, expanding Velcro flap pockets and 3 pen slots. Custom molded zipper pulls add a touch of Pig Hog flair, and rigid bottom panels reinforce the bag's shape, while providing added protection for peace of mind.

For quick trips and local shows, the smallest of the 3 size options, model PHCOB-SM offers 5 separate slots for cables, with a large center compartment for stowing larger accessories and components. Standard size model PHCOB includes 12 slots, for a perfect balance of size and functionality for optimal versatility. For those with extended cable transportation needs, the large cable organizer bag, model PHCOB-LG delivers with 11 removable Velcro dividers, for the ultimate in space customization.

Whether transporting cables alone, or cables, interfaces, pedals, microphones, camera gear, personal items, Pig Hog has a Cable Organizer Bag for you!

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Pig Hog Unveils Glow-In-The-Dark Instrument Cables

First-ever Glow-In-The-Dark instrument cables from Pig Hog set a new high bar for innovation, and showcase the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality with a unique twist. Drawing inspiration from the night sky, and the Aurora Borealis, Pig Hog Glow-In-The-Dark cables light the signal path, making every artist shine like a star!

Like all Pig Hog cables, Glow-In-The-Dark instrument cables are precisely overbuilt to stand up to the most grueling tour conditions imaginable, provide the highest quality performance, and deliver outstanding value. All while adding iconic illumination to make any rig pop. Glow-In-The-Dark cables are constructed using high quality 7mm woven jackets that won't fray, resist kinking or tangling, as well as proprietary OFC conductor technology with robust shielding, to ensure crystal clear sound, without noise or interference. 

Available in 10ft and 20ft lengths, with either straight or right-angle connectors, each cable is hand tested before shipment, and backed by a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. Like the Aurora, these cables are lit!

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